Our Mine

In 2014, EMCO acquired the Itoco emerald mine and fully restored the tunnel to full operating standards. The Itoco mine is located in the Muzo formation, which is the most important emerald mining area in the Boyaca state of Colombia. It is found in the eastern range of the Andes Mountains about 100 kilometers northwest of Bogota. The Itoco emerald mine is world-renowned for having the largest deposit of Class One emeralds at an unmatched beauty.

EMCO is proud to own one of the most valuable emerald deposits, right next to the original Muzo mine. The most famous emerald producing formation from the Muzo mine runs straight through the EMCO Itoco mine, which gives the site a unique geological presence of emerald producing shale and breccia. State of the art mining techniques and a newly built camp site for miners have led to new discoveries every day.